Climate Week: Students

Wednesday 16 September 2020

Let’s go greener together to fix the global climate crisis

Greener Scotland encourages us to become greener for our health, community, country, and the globe. It is currently Scottish Climate Week, and we are taking the opportunity to discuss what the University is doing for the climate. Today, we are presenting the inspiring work of some of our students.

“We must make sense of the current crucible of crises so that we can forge a more sustainable, equitable, and compassionate future” – Noah Herfort, Editor-in-Chief, UnEarth Magazine

The Environmental Subcommittee have re-launched UnEarth Magazine. In the current issue, Editor-in-Chief Noah Herfort guides us through the crises of a pandemic, an economic collapse, and systematic racism. These are analysed through an environmental perspective, which highlights climate-change as a continuously present component rather than a single and separate issue.

Fourth-year biology student, Ash Geraghty, shares her experiences of health in a (un)healthy world; how to address fear and make a change based on love, respect, and dialogue. Hattie Nelligan, second-year student in international relations, discuss environmental-racism and how the skewed system of monetary value on lives have allowed 840,000 people to die of a pandemic. Further, first-year student in geography and international relations, Josh Traynor, takes us through the impact of high levels of pollution on covid-19 and the contra-productive act of governments to stop prioritising the environmental strategies to reduce this pollution.

UnEarth magazine integrates the environment in all topics – health, racism, a pandemic – simply because the environment and sustainability are a part of them all. Greener Scotland encourages us to take the climate conversation during climate week. The editors, writers, and authors of UnEarth Magazine do exactly that. We feel inspired by being a part of a University with creative students who proactively and innovatively drives the conversation of climate forward.

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