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Welcome to the University of St Andrews Environment Team blog!

This blog provides information on the work of the Environment Team and will keep you up to date on all things sustainability at the University of St Andrews!

11 December 2019

Welcome to our new Sustainability Intern

Welcome to Anya Kaufman, our new Sustainability Intern! She’ll be working with our dedicated Environment Team who work to fulfil the University’s sustainability agenda. Anya graduated from the University of St Andrews this June with a degree in Sustainable Development. While a student Anya helped to revitalise the Sustainable Development Society and was the society…

8 August 2018Uncategorized

Sustainable Food

Back in May Cara Nicholson, an undergraduate student at the University of St Andrews, shadowed the Environment Team for a day, collaborating with the team on communications. Have a read through what Cara and Mariya had to say on the topic of sustainable food… We often don’t think about where our food comes from, and…

20 July 2018Uncategorized

University of St Andrews’ Carbon Footprint

Every year the Environment Team calculates the University’s carbon footprint for the previous fiscal year. Below you can find the data for 2016/17 academic year. University of St Andrews’ Carbon Footprint Under the 2009 Climate Change Act all public organisations have a duty to report to the Scottish Government annual carbon (CO2) emissions from business…

9 May 2018Carbon Conversations Efficiency Energy Environment Team Uncategorized

Where are they now? Part 3

Every year the Environment Team gains a new Sustainability Intern whose position lasts for a year. This internship provides the incredible opportunity to work for the University of St Andrews Estates Environment Team, helping to support, develop and implement the sustainability agenda across the campus. Over a series of blogs we have invited some of our interns to answer a few…

13 April 2018Uncategorized

Fairtrade Fortnight 2018

Monday saw the start of the annual Fairtrade Fortnight – a festival originating with the Fairtrade Foundation. University of St Andrews has been a Fairtrade University since 2007 and as such partakes in the celebrations at the end of February and beginning of March every year. The 2018 Fairtrade Fortnight runs from Feb 26th until…

27 February 2018Uncategorized

Fairtrade Christmas

As the holidays approach we are flooded with consumer adverts, deals and sales, finding it hard to resist spending on things we may not even need, or end up never using. However, we could use the this time of the year to vote with our wallets on more sustainable and ethical gifts and products. Read…

18 December 2017Fairtrade Uncategorized

Welcome, class of 2021!

With the academic year fast approaching we are excited to welcome a new cohort of students to University of St Andrews. It could be overwhelming for some when moving to a new place and learning your way around town. This is why as a recent graduate our sustainability intern, Mariya Simeonova, is here to offer…

28 August 2017Uncategorized

The New Sustainability Intern

This week the Environment Team welcomed their new Sustainability Intern, Mariya Simeonova, to the team. Mariya recently graduated from the University of St Andrews with Geography and Management (BSc JH). She is looking forward to taking over and developing the projects that Lindsey Mackay, the previous Sustainability Intern, has been working hard on over the…

4 August 2017Uncategorized

Building the foundations for a greener future

This week we discuss green infrastructure and how estates and the management of buildings, both within the university setting and across the globe, has a huge potential to decrease carbon footprints within universities and businesses alike. Over the past year our blogs have been written by our current Sustainability Intern, Lindsey Mackay. We look forward to welcoming our…

28 July 2017Uncategorized