Climate Week: Community

Thursday 17 September 2020

Let’s go greener together to fix the global climate crisis

Greener Scotland encourages us to become greener for our health, community, country, and the globe. It is currently Scottish Climate Week, and we are taking the opportunity to discuss what the University is doing for the climate. Today, we are presenting the work from Transition – a group of students, staff, and locals in St Andrews working together for a sustainable community.

“On our own the climate crisis can feel like too big a challenge. But together we can make a massive difference” – Transition

By supporting the small choices, Transition has made a significant impact on sustainability in St Andrews. They run several projects promoting local food, tackling waste to landfill, supporting smarter travel, creating sustainable spaces, and providing green opportunities within research, conversation, and art in St Andrews. Through strong local engagement, Transition increases our knowledge of climate-friendly living.

What choices can we make today to reduce our carbon footprint? To name a few, we can order food from local farmers through the food hub The Tree; we can visit St And Reuse by East Sands for a sustainable shop of autumn clothes and a stock-up of pots and pans; we can start cycling and do so by renting a bike from BikePool; we can reach out to Edible Campus about growing vegetables in one of the 14 community gardens and through that support biodiversity.   

Transition demonstrates an essential in our progress to become greener – that it is easier to reduce our carbon footprint if we work together. A community supporting each other makes it easier to choose the climate-friendly as well as it educates us that the individual effort is important. It is the small choices that make a great impact.


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