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Top Energy Saving Tips

The results from the first half of the Interhall Energy Competition are in, with Andrew Melville, McIntosh, and Uni Hall leading the way in energy reductions, winning extra money for their hall committees and boosting their position in the Hall Champions League. If your hall is struggling to keep up (or you’re trying to keep…

27 January 2015Energy Green Awards Interhall Energy Competition

We’ve gone electric…will you?

Ever seen our “Wee Green Machine” driving around town? It has been used by the University’s Grounds Team since 2009, and is soon to be joined by two brand new electric vans! Once delivered in a few weeks time, all the University’s mail and catering will be delivered with a little help from some clean,…

21 January 2015Electric Vehicles Energy Environment Team Renewables

Waste Hierarchy – “The 6 R’s”

Everyone knows that it’s a good idea to recycle, but did you know that recycling actually falls quite far down on the order of preference for managing waste? This order of preference is commonly known as the waste hierarchy, as shown in the diagram below. This diagram clearly shows the different options for waste management…

14 January 2015Waste and reuse

Green Resolutions for 2015

Happy New Year! We hope you all enjoyed a restful and enjoyable break for the holidays, and are looking forward to what 2015 has in store. It’s not too late to make a green resolution for the year ahead, so here are some of our ideas… Food Eat less meat Not everyone is ready to…

7 January 2015Energy Environment Team Food Waste and reuse