“That doesn’t go in there,” they said with an exasperated sigh.

Courtney Duncan
Tuesday 16 August 2022

Confused about the various waste and recycling systems, and what goes where? Read below, or feel free to jump straight to the 4 Bin System or Single Bin System sections.

“That doesn’t go in there,” they said with an exasperated sigh. 

Does this phrase sound familiar to anyone else?

If not, congratulations! You are either a recycling magician and have fellow magicians for family members, or you and your loved ones may have been buried – much like the lonely plastic bags sitting in the landfill bins when they should be in the plastic recycling bins – under the amount of recycling information, and are all at a loss!

If you have heard this phrase thrown around then I will make the assumption that, like the family above buried in information, we are all a little confused when it comes to recycling. And, if your feeling even more confused since plastic bags used to be allocated in landfill, hopefully by reading this post things will become clearer, you will receive the most updated information, and we can be the recycling magicians prompting people that, “those don’t go in there!”

So, let’s get straight to it! What goes in which bin?

If you live outside of the centre of town – yes, I know! Different bin systems within a single small town! – then take a look at the table below to help you navigate the grey, green, brown and blue four-bin system. If you live in the centre of St Andrews then scroll down to the single bin system. And below that, we will also cover what is glass, and dry mixed recycling!

Living Outside the Centre of Town – The 4 Bin System —————————————————

Your BLUE and BROWN bins will be emptied once every two weeks and the GREY and GREEN bins will be emptied every four weeks on a rotating schedule. For information specific to your postcode check out the www.fifedirect.org.uk website, and for the most detailed information on what goes where check out this: Household recycling | Fife Council.

Living Within the Centre of Town – The Single Bin System ———————————————–

If you live within the centre of town, Fife Council provides limited resources for recycling. The bins assigned to your house will be general waste bins or a large seagull proof refuse sack. For details of when your collection day is visit: www.fifedirect.org.uk

In order to recycle, you have to bring your recycling to either one of the Fife Council recycling spots listed below or one of the University recycling sites.

University Recycling sites
  • Students Union (KY16 9UA)
  • Main University Library (KY16 9TR)
  • Outside all student halls or residences
Fife Council Recycling Sites
  • East Sands Leisure Centre (KY16 8LH)
  • Double Dykes Road Car Park (KY16 9DX)
  • Recycling Centre behind Morrison’s Supermarket (KY16 8PJ)
  • Tom Morris Drive Shopping Centre (KY16 8EL)
  • West Sands Car Park (KY16 9JR)

Glass, and Dry Mixed Recycling!—————————————————————————–

At the various recycling sites mentioned above, it’s important to follow the signs! I know it’s tempting to put glass and plastic bags in dry mixed recycling because – well technically – they are dry, but make sure you don’t! Proper separation makes sure that everything runs smoothly and without fail at the recycling plants when your waste is uplifted.

Dry mixed recycling includes clean juice/milk cartons, clean food tins & drink cans, paper & cardboard, and clean plastic bottles. With all of these items the emphasis is on CLEAN, so please remember to wash your dry recycling before putting it in the proper bins around town!

When you are disposing of glass, please check if it should be separated by colour, and if so follow the appropriate signs!







I hope this has been a short and  useful guide for anyone and everyone who struggles with the bin and recycling systems!

Please share this around, particularly to those who need a little extra help escaping the watchful gaze of their recycling magician family or friends.

If you have any questions please feel free to reach out to me (Courtney Duncan – [email protected]).

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