Winter Wonderland

Courtney Duncan
Friday 16 December 2022

Congratulations to everyone who has finished their exams, and to those who still have a few more, we wish you the very best.  In the wake of another snowy morning it felt fitting to share our Winter Shutdown tips as well as a few winter inspiration ones, and some reminders.

Looking out from East Sands A white Pier

Winter Shutdown

After a busy semester, it is important to take the time to have a break and switch off from our bustling lives. It is also just as important to switch off all electricals and turn down radiators before you leave.

With cost-of-living challenges and the energy crisis, it is imperative we all play our part in leaving our work/study spaces waste-free, tidy, and switched off. With your action, we can collectively expect to save approximately £100,000 and 130 tonnes of carbon (CO2 equivalent emissions) over the festive period.

Simply follow the Winter Shutdown Checklist below to reduce our CO2 emissions and save energy across the University’s Estate this winter!

Winter Inspiration

The festive period can be synonymous with a time of giving. And, with giving comes shopping, and with shopping comes waste. This holiday, if you take part in the gifting festivities, we encourage everyone to try and source their gifts from second-hand shops or recycled materials. These are easy and wonderful options that often work out to be cheaper!

Second-hand household items and clothes: 

St AndReuse is an excellent place to snag a great deal on any items students or residents have donated.

Perhaps, the very thing you or your giftees need is a subscription to TransitionUStA’s Tool Share initiative. Tool Share works just like a library where you can find the tools you need, loan them out, and host a party or get your home DIY projects started. For just £15 a year, why buy new when you can borrow a range of items and applicances?

Empathy Reminders

The winter holiday is often a very personal time. This means the festive period can be a time for  family and friends, or it can also be a time of solidarity.

There is no correct or right way to spend this holiday, and this is a friendly reminder that you can enjoy this time in anyway that makes you smile. Even if these are small special little moments, take joy in a hot drink, a rainy sky, or a crisp wind. These are the elements that make us feel human. Revel in them and make them yours. Take the joy and run with it.

We hope everyone has a special holiday, no matter what this looks like for you!

A creative chill

If you have any queries or would like to reach out to us, email [email protected].

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