Student Voice on COP26

Monday 12 April 2021

Alternative energy sources, carbon management and environmental justice are the topics University of St Andrews students wish to see at COP26. 

Daffodils by the sea, St Andrews.

Montague Jones, COP26 Discussions Project Coordinator, asked the students by the University of St Andrews what they wish to gain from the 26th United Nations Climate Change Conference, to be held in Glasgow 2021. The survey results are now available in a new report. 

“The survey is the beginning of a bottom-up approach to the University’s discussion regarding climate change.” – Montague Jones, COP26 Discussions Project Coordinator

The survey shows that the student awareness of COP26 varies fairly equally across nonea little and very. Researchers, environmentalists and climate activists were rated as the most preferred speakers, with discussions and lectures as the most popular event format. The most popular topics were alternative energy sources, environmental justice and carbon management.

“The smaller projects are vital in helping educate students on climate change.” – Montague Jones, COP26 Discussions Project Coordinator

A crucial finding of the survey was the students’ view of the University’s environmental sustainability projects. The current projects were perceived as necessary but too big for students to take part in. This underpins the need for smaller projects that engage the community and help to educate students on climate change. With smaller projects, students and the community can contribute to the solution – a necessity for maintaining end enhancing the desire in becoming more sustainable. 

Read the whole COP26 University of St Andrews Environmental Discussions Survey Report.


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