Now Recruiting: School Sustainability Representatives 2021/2022

Hannah Bowey
Monday 13 September 2021

Be the link between your Academic School and the University’s sustainability goals- we are now recruiting School Sustainability Representatives for 2021- 2022!

This is a voluntary position for undergraduates and postgraduates at the University of St Andrews. The role requires approximately two hours of work per week. The key responsibilities of the role are:

  • Run sustainability-themed events to drive sustainability forward in your Academic School
  • Take action and be an agent for sustainable change at your Academic School
  • Be the communicative link between students, your Academic School, the University’s Environment Team, and the Environmental Sustainability Board to make the University of St Andrews into the first carbon net-zero University in the UK

The role opportunities include:

  • Network with academics, professional staff, and sustainability representatives across schools
  • Gain experience in sustainability engagement, event management, and behaviour change
  • Be an agent of change for sustainability

Successful candidates will receive training in relevant skills by three training sessions:

  • Session 1: Introduction, knowledge and ideas – the role of the Sustainability School Representative
  • Session 2: Skills in practice – manage and create your sustainability-themed events experience of sustainability-themed events and to be the agent of change
  • Session 3: Knowledge, ideas, and skills in sustainable practice

Prospective candidates will need to register their interest in the role stating, their name, year, and academic school, with a short statement (max. 250 words) about why they should be chosen to be their School’s Sustainability Representative, and attach a photo of themselves.  Candidates will also be asked to list their top priorities if elected to the role (this information will be visible to other students when voting takes place in Week 5).

Postgraduate Nominations Close on October 13th at 5pm!

The undergraduate reps have already been elected for this academic year.

To apply: Class Rep Elections (

Good luck with your application!

The Environment Team


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