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Thursday 2 April 2020

It’s been a while since our last blog post, but don’t think we’ve been slacking. In fact, the Environment Team has grown in size! Over the past 20 months, we have recruited three new Environment Team members. Read on to find out about their roles and how they aim to improve Sustainability in St Andrews.

Connie Dawson, Sustainability Coordinator

Connie is the newest Environment Team member, joining as the graduate Sustainability Coordinator in August 2019. Connie leads on outreach to staff and students by running sustainability initiatives and managing digital communications. Connie also assists with operational sustainability and the development and implementation of various strategies such as the biodiversity, resources, food, and sustainability in the curriculum strategies. Since starting her role, Connie is most proud of her efforts to increase sustainability-related engagement and opportunities for students, having recruited 31 School Sustainability Representatives and given presentations about sustainability to classes of up to 300 first year students.

Fun fact: Connie is currently studying Horticulture with the Edinburgh Royal Botanic Gardens. She shares her flat with 70+ house plants and two tiny dogs she can never find.

You can contact Connie on: [email protected]

Keith Thomason, Energy Manager

Keith joined the Environment Team as Energy Manager in October 2018. Keith oversees energy management and all aspects of energy across the campus in order to meet the University’s Carbon Management and Strategy Targets. Since starting his role, Keith is most proud of gaining approval to construct a new district heat network around our historic buildings.

Fun fact: Keith used to have a world ranking for playing squash! He won’t disclose what that ranking was, though…

You can contact Keith on: [email protected]

Alexander Clark, Environment Officer

Al joined the Environment team as Environment Officer in September 2018. Al runs a range of projects including waste management, resource efficiency, sustainability engagement and food sustainability. Since starting his role, Al is most proud of raising the equivalent of £80,000 for the British Heart Foundation through furniture and clothing donations, as well as increasing our end of term reuse figures from 5 Tonnes to 37.5 Tonnes.

Fun fact: Al is a keen drummer and once recorded an album in the John Peel Studio at BBC’s Maida Vale Studios! He’s giving away signed photos for a limited time only…

You can contact Al on: [email protected] 

Long-serving team members

Fran Gordon, Utilities Analyst

Fran is responsible for analysing the University’s utility metering and targeting systems to identify energy saving opportunities. She also ensures timely and correct utility bills. Fran’s proudest achievement to date is retrieving £900,000 from the renewable heat incentive for our biomass boiler.

Fun fact: both of Frans sons are in a band with Environment Officer, Al. Fran’s younger son may have played the bagpipes at your wedding!

You can contact Fran on: [email protected]

David Stutchfield, Sustainability Manager

As Sustainability Manager, David manages both the Environment Team and our sister team, Transition University of St Andrews. David leads the development and implementation of sector leading strategies and initiatives. His role encompasses utilities and carbon management across the University, running energy awareness campaigns, and acting as an internal energy consultant within the University. Prior to becoming Sustainability Manager, David spent 15 years as the University’s Energy Manager. David says his proudest moment is building such a fantastic team – we didn’t even pay him to say that!

Fun fact: David is the Environment Team’s very own superhero! As part of the HM Coastguard, David often finds himself rushing out of the office to rescue someone who may be stranded or injured.

You can contact David on: [email protected]

What’s next?

Now that you’re up-to-date with our team members, keep your eyes peeled for future blog posts. Next week, we’ll be outlining how we’re adapting during COVID-19 and why our work is fundamental during crises.

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