Green Gown Awards 2020

Wednesday 24 March 2021

Research, teaching, and campus life – the University of St Andrews shows its scope of sustainable initiatives as finalists in the Green Gown Awards 2020. 

Today, the Green Gown Awards announce the winners of sustainability excellence 2020. Tom Dawson from the School of History, students Millie and Lottie, and the Residential Business Services have qualified as finalists.

With innovative research engaging the community to be a part of science, Principal Research Fellow Tom Dawson has qualified as a finalist in the category Benefitting Society. Learning from Loss is a collection of projects that have engaged citizens to connect with coastal heritage sites before they are lost to climate change. By also involving students in practical work and film-making skills to understand and document history, the projects spark innovative skills in communicating academia.

“Loss of heritage sites due to climate change is inevitable. It is therefore crucial to support communities to engage with these sites before they are lost forever.” – Tom Dawson

12,000 students took Training in Environmental Sustainability Action (TESA) last September. The students behind the success are Millie Sutton (School of Geography and International Relations) and Lottie Evans (School of Geography and Social Anthropology). By identifying the gap of support to students to take actions for a greener future, Millie and Lottie have made a training toolkit that all students can access. Their work has qualified them as finalists in the category Sustainability Champion.

“TESA has created a legacy and will continue to inspire environmental sustainability action long after we graduate” – Millie Sutton.

Make sustainability easy – one step at the time. The Residential and Business Services (RBS) at the University of St Andrews are finalists in the category Campus Health, Food & Drink. RBS have worked with a range of small initiatives with big impact to make our campus more sustainable. They have increased plant-based food choices, reduced supply vehicles on the roads, and enabled students to have their say on how on operations of food and circular economy.

The Green Gown Awards Ceremony will be held today, 24th March 4pm.

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