Lawhead Primary Electric Vehicle Art Competition

Remember our earlier post about the 100% electric vehicle and the Environment Team’s plans for brightening it up? (read the story here)

We can now reveal that a green art competition has successfully been held with P6 students at Lawhead Primary School to design a green image to be put on the sides of the van!

The students were introduced to our Wee Green Machine and given a presentation about how it does not burn fuel, but is plugged into a power source every night. Here are some of the designs that were submitted.


A panel of judges of Estates and Grounds staff will vote on the illustrations and chose which will win the Electric Vehicle Art Competition. Keep your eyes peeled!

University Purchases 100% Electric Vehicle

Did you know that the University of St Andrews has a 100% electric vehicle? No, neither did I until someone told me about the Mega. But it’s true, Grounds has been using an electric vehicle around campus to help out with the maintenance of the estate and gardens since February 2009. We have been leasing it for years, but have recently found funding to finally purchase our little van!

Here is what it looks like now….

A great concept, but it looks a little boring and nondescript, right? Well the Environment Team is hatching plans to brighten up our Wee Green Machine. Keep your eyes peeled for updates.