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3 Simple Tips for a Happy Hallogreen!

  Excuse the awful pun… With Halloween just a few short days away, The Environment Team have come up with a few simple tips to help you become sustainably spooky… 1. Costumes – vintage, reused, DIY – oh my! Instead of buying expensive pre-made costumes, see what you can put together from items you already…

29 October 2014Environment Team Waste and reuse

St Andrews Citizen: “Green Light for Energy Centre”

. The University of St Andrews’ drive to become a carbon neutral institution came a step closer this week when plans for a biomass development at Guardbridge were approved by Fife Council. . The £25 million investment will see power generated through clean biomass at Guardbridge and hot water pumped for four miles underground to…

22 October 2014Guardbridge Energy Centre

Raisin Monday: Behind the Scenes

Every autumn, hundreds of first year students get dressed up in a variety of creative costumes by their academic mums, collect a receipt from their academic dads, then participate in a massive shaving foam fight that is broadcast across the world’s press in celebration of the St Andrews tradition that is Raisin Weekend. In order…

22 October 2014Environment Team Raisin Monday Waste and reuse

Carrier Bag Charge (Scotland) – What’s It All About?

Have you spotted posters like this one popping up in shops? The adorable elephant is named Ernie, and he’s helping spread the word about the single use carrier bag charge coming into force in Scotland from 20th October. This means that no matter whether you’re shopping for groceries, clothes, books, toiletries, or any other item,…

15 October 2014Waste and reuse

How To Have An (Environmentally!) Responsible Raisin

Raisin Weekend is one of the many weird and wonderful traditions that makes St Andrews such a unique and special place to study – not only that, but it’s also loads of fun! In celebration of the event, and in light of the fact that all Raisin receipts require disposal after they are no longer…

8 October 2014Green Events Raisin Monday Waste and reuse

Guest Blog: “Creating a Green Space: The New Community Garden”

 This week we have a rather special blog post coming to you from the Head Gardener of the University Hall Community Garden, Charlotte Davis.   Our garden, around the back of University Hall, is still under a year old! Inspired by photographs dating from 1916 of a vegetable garden fit to supply the residents of the…

1 October 2014Food Gardens