Wee Green Machine Unveiling

Yesterday was the Wee Green Machine Unveiling Ceremony. The three kids with winning designs were finally able to see their artwork on the side of the van.

The three winners test driving the Wee Green Machine.

Read the whole story about the art competition in our previous blog.

Rowan and his design.


Archie and his design.

Georgia and her design.

Watch the unveiling here.

The Environment Team was excited to see the kids being so proud about their designs on the Wee Green Machine.

The Environment Team was excited to see the kids being so proud about their designs on the Wee Green Machine.

The Wee Green Machine now has it’s own profile on Facebook. Add it and if you spot the Wee Green Machine driving around town snap a photo and upload!

University Donates 2 Tonnes of Items for Container to Namibia

Staff across the University of St Andrews have donated educational resources for schools in Namibia, to help children in need.


Full van of resources for Namibia from the University

Earlier this month, the Environment Team coordinated efforts to collect items for a container that was arranged by Madras College as part of their Namibia Teaching Program. Around 30 students from Madras are travelling Namibia this summer to work with kids in schools and organised this container ahead of their travels. See this website for photos of their 2011 trip http://www.madras.fife.sch.uk/news_events/namibian_trip_2011.html.

Madras student, Madras staff and Bill Close University of St Andrews Grounds staff unloading supplies

So many boxes!

The appeal for resources went out under a week before the container was due to depart and despite the short timeframe we were hugely impressed by the outpouring of support from departments across the University. Schools and Units that contributed were:  CAPOD, English Language Teaching, Environment Team, IT Services, Media Services, New Hall, School of Biology, School of Classics, School of Computer Sciences, School of Economics and Finance, and School of Psychology, and the University Library.

Thanks to their generous support a whole van load of goodies was collected which ranged from almost 10 overhead projectors, six computers, English language learning books, stationary and welcome packs with shampoo, soap and toothpaste and amounted to 2 tonnes of resources.

Packing room, full of resources from St Andrews at Madras

A huge thank you to everyone who donated and to Bill Close in the Grounds Department for his help with packing and transport!

Special thank you to WHSmith for donating office supplies (including disks for the new computers!) and to PHS Teacrate who supplied crates and other packaging materials (including loads of big bubble wrap!).

With everyone working together not only are we helping those in need of assistance in Namibia, but we are making sure that valuable resources are put to use and not wasted.

University of St Andrews staff (from left to right Lucy Arndt, Bill Close and Barbara Aitken) with Madras staff and students

Keep your eyes open for future donation and reuse opportunities!