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Waste not: a word from our sustainability officer

If you do not waste food you will never go hungry – so the old saying ‘waste not, want not’ leads us believe. To many, this phrase conjures up images of queues outside grocers of wartime Britain and a by-gone era of thrift. While the phrase may feel out-dated, the philosophy of reducing waste is…

11 November 2015Food

Green Raisin Competition Huge Success

The Environment Team have partnered with outdoor adventure group Blown Away Experiences, to deliver a hugely successful Green Raisin Competition, which seeks to promote and reward environmentally-friendly behaviour amongst students. Modern ‘raisin receipts’ have made a departure from traditional Latin parchment once given to academic children and have since gained a reputation for being oversized,…

28 October 2015Raisin Monday Uncategorized Waste and reuse

End of term – what happens to all our “stuff”?

You’ve finished your exams, packed your bags, donated your unwanted items, and you’re ready to leave St Andrews for the summer…but what happens to all the “stuff” students donate? Household items From pots and pans to coathangers, stationery, and a wide variety of miscellaneous household goods, St AndRe-Use volunteers collect all these items from hall…

19 May 2015End of Term Environment Team Green Events

Waste Hierarchy – “The 6 R’s”

Everyone knows that it’s a good idea to recycle, but did you know that recycling actually falls quite far down on the order of preference for managing waste? This order of preference is commonly known as the waste hierarchy, as shown in the diagram below. This diagram clearly shows the different options for waste management…

14 January 2015Waste and reuse

How to Cut Your Christmas Waste

The holiday season is time for celebration, but these days it is often also a time of excess, with more and more food, presents, and decorations being bought every year. It is estimated that each person throws away an extra 50kg of waste at Christmas time, so we’ve come up with some tips on how…

10 December 2014Energy Waste and reuse Winter Holidays

Get Ready for the End of Term

Donate, sell, recycle… For all those students out there with the May Dip just past and exams around the corner, it’s time to start preparing for the End of Term mayhem. It’s not always easy or feasible to bring all you belongings with you when you leave for the summer. That’s why we’ve come up…

2 May 2014End of Term Waste and reuse

What Happens To Our Food Waste?

The environment team visits the anaerobic digestor that turns our food waste into biogas “Like a stomach”… is how our guide, Alan, describes the anaerobic digestion process that is used to break down our food waste into biogas, liquid fertilizer and nutrient-rich compost. Standing next to the tall, twin vessel AD (anaerobic digestion) plant operated…

23 January 2014Energy Food Waste and reuse

Holiday Waste

Over the holidays everyone likes to have a good celebration. Unfortunately, with all that extra eating, drinking and present-buying, this tends to lead to a lot of rubbish, we produce over 3 million tonnes of waste over the festive season. This includes 1 billion greeting cards, 83 square kilometres of wrapping paper, 750 million extra…

6 December 2013Waste and reuse Winter Holidays

Sustainable Waste | The Waste of Holidays

Guest blog from Monica at DMU. We are feeling Christmassy here at the University of St Andrews but we’re advocating a green Christmas, there are lots ways to reduce Christmas waste and have just as much fun! Sustainable Waste | The waste of holidays.

3 December 2012Energy Waste and reuse

The Footprint of Food

I’m getting really into the idea of sustainable food these days and have come across a fab blog by Monica from DeMontfort University which has some really interesting posts about sustainable food.  Here’s one borrowed (with permission) from her blog for you to enjoy! The facts and figures behind food are difficult to see. Often,…

12 November 2012Food