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Green Societies Guide

If you missed all the fun of the (Big Green) Fair on Monday, then don’t worry – there are still plenty of opportunities to meet the green societies and groups based in St Andrews. Check out our previous blog post for the full Freshers’ event line-up, or keep reading for our run-down of the different…

10 September 2014Bicycles Biodiversity Carbon Conversations Energy Environment Team Fairtrade Food Freshers Week Gardens Green Events Renewables Waste and reuse

Carbon Conversations Comes to St Andrews

Is the future worth a conversation? Carbon Conversations is a 6-session course that is designed to lower your personal carbon impact. It is not a taught course, but a facilitated discussion, a space to share and explore ideas and develop interpersonal connections. Interactive board games facilitate active engagement with the subject material, visioning exercises allow…

13 September 2011Carbon Conversations