Meet the Interns Part 3: Elena Skyfta

It seems like only yesterday we were welcoming our interns into the office, but now their internships are complete and they are free to enjoy the last few weeks of summer!

All three of our summer interns did a fantastic job on their respective projects, and the work they completed was of an outstanding quality. We’re going to miss having them around, but wish them all the best of luck for the upcoming academic year, and hope they’ll pop back to say hello every now and again.

So, without further ado, I have the pleasure of presenting our final intern: Elena Skyfta!


Name: Elena Skyfta
Where are you from?:
Athens, Greece
Internship Title:
Web Design Intern
Degree and year of study:
Biochemistry (entering 4th year)

Give a brief snapshot of your role:
My role was to restructure the web pages of the University of St Andrews Environment Team to make it more user friendly, and bring all the information up to date.

What attracted you to this internship with the Environment Team?
It was a great opportunity for me to further improve my web design skills whilst learning about all the environmental projects that the University runs. I believe that by improving the Environment Team’s website, more students and staff will be able to find ways to lead a more sustainable lifestyle.

What have you learned/what skills have you acquired?
I have gained a lot from this internship. My organisation skills were greatly improved since it was very challenging to organise all the information included in the website in the most user-friendly way. Moreover, my team-working skills were key for this internship as I had to collect invaluable information for the website from a number of people who specialise in various fields.

How does this internship fit into your future career plans?
This internship helped me improve my IT skills which is going to be a great asset in pursuing my future career in bioinformatics.

Share one tip for sustainable living that you wish more students would adopt:
I hope that more students will minimise their food waste by changing small things in their lifestyle, like planning their meals ahead of time.

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