Meet The Interns: Dominyka Urbonaite

This summer the Environment Team has been a hub of activity as we welcomed three student interns to the team to work on various projects.

We’d like to introduce them one by one so you can find out more about them, the important work they’ve been doing, and how the internships have helped them with their future career goals. It’s been great having some new faces in the office and we’ve really valued all their fresh ideas and suggestions for how we can take their projects to the next level!

So, without further ado, meet Dominyka!

DSCN5156-001 - Copy (2)Name: Dominyka Urbonaite
Where are you from? : Lithuania
Job Title: St Andrews Sustainability Award Intern
Degree and year of study: I am studying Sustainable Development and I am going to my 4th year.

Give a brief snapshot of your role:
The project I am working on is a new environmental accreditation and awards scheme called St Andrews Sustainability Awards. As part of this new scheme departments and units within university will have to complete a number of practical eco-friendly actions within their office in order to achieve an award: bronze, silver or gold. During my internship I was researching similar schemes at other universities and developing a set of environmental criteria for departments to complete.

What attracted you to this internship with the Environment Team?
I am interested in the sustainability in the institutions and working on a new programme aimed at making workplace more sustainable seemed as a brilliant opportunity.

What have you learned/what skills have you acquired?
Report writing and talking with various stakeholders was a very useful part of internship. I learned more about how the environment team operates within an academic institution and different stakeholders involved in creating a more sustainable workplace. In addition, I got to know more about areas and issues preventing from choosing the most sustainable way such as time, money and other more complex issues.

How does this internship fit into your future career plans?
I am interested in working in sustainability within institutions in the future so the experience I obtained from this internship directly relates to my future career plans.

Share one tip for sustainable living that you wish more students would adopt:
Reduce paper waste, print less lecture slides, handouts or readings and instead read on the computer or laptop. Most of all share this with a friend.

Look out for future posts introducing our other summer interns coming soon!

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