Dune Action Day with Environmental Facilitators!

ImageAs part of the Environmental Facilitators programme http://www.st-andrews.ac.uk/environment/EnvironmentalFacilitators/ we spent some time on the West Sands dunes last Wednesday. We were helping Fife Coast and Countryside Trust with their Dune rehabilitation programme and took part in one of their monthly ‘Dune Action Days’. We spent the hour in the sunshine removing invasive species and helping to stabilise the dunes.

This activity, which sits in the ‘Community Investment’ section of the programme is one of many exciting workshops and talks in the programme. For more information or to get involved contact eImagenvironment@st-andrews.ac.uk

The next Dune Action Day will run on 16th August and we will be there from 12noon to 1pm. Hopefully it will be just as sunny as this week!

See you there!

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