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University plans £25 million green energy centre at Guardbridge paper mill site

(Originally issued by the University of St Andrews Press Office on Friday 20 December 2013)   Backed by a £10 million grant from the Scottish Funding Council which is supporting carbon reduction schemes across Scottish Higher Education, the university proposes to generate power through clean biomass at Guardbridge and pump hot water 4 miles underground…

20 December 2013Guardbridge Energy Centre

Holiday Waste

Over the holidays everyone likes to have a good celebration. Unfortunately, with all that extra eating, drinking and present-buying, this tends to lead to a lot of rubbish, we produce over 3 million tonnes of waste over the festive season. This includes 1 billion greeting cards, 83 square kilometres of wrapping paper, 750 million extra…

6 December 2013Waste and reuse Winter Holidays

Biodiversity On The Mind

During my brief lunchbreak today I found myself totally engrossed in the State of Nature Report – a first of it’s kind document detailing the health of the UK’s wildlife populations (available from the RSPB). It was a beautiful day and I should have been eating outside, away from my computer and enjoying the great outdoors! (that…

2 December 2013Biodiversity