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Electric Vehicles Impress

Front profile of the new Nissan Leaf EV What would your commute feel like in an electric vehicle? To find out the answer I met with the University’s Electrochemistry PhD researcher Euan McTurk to discuss his vintage Peugeot 106 electric vehicle (“EV” to the uninitiated) which he has been using on his commute from Dundee to…

25 September 2013Electric Vehicles Energy Environmental Facilitators Renewables

Still Searching for a Bicycle? Post-Bikesale Information & Resources

Thanks to all those who came along last Friday for our annual Freshers Bike Sale hosted by the charity Bikeworks, the University Environment Team, and volunteers from the Bike Pool team! I hope we were able to help everyone with something – if not a new bike, perhaps a tuneup for your old bike, some…

17 September 2013Bicycles Freshers Week