Short Guide to Green Freshers Events

Freshers Week is just around the corner and we are all excited for the students to return and for the week to kick off! We know that there is so much going on, with too much to do and too little time. So we thought we’d help you out with planning your week by providing a short guide to the green freshers events so that you don’t miss out on any of the exciting times ahead!

The Environment Team’s Short Guide to Green Freshers Events

Monday, September 19:

Inter-Hall Energy Competition Begins

-Time: 10:00am

-Place: All University Halls of Residences

-Who: Transition

-Event Page:

St AndRe-Use Big Give-Away

-Time: 11:00am – 1:00pm

-Place: Students’ Association Foyer

-Who: St AndRe-Use and Transition

-Event Page:

Tuesday, September 20:

Free Vegan Lunch

-Time: 12:00pm – 4:00pm

-Place: Church Square (South Street)

-Who: LeftSoc

-Event Page: Facebook and YourUnion

OneWorld Food Market

-Time: 12:30pm – 2:30pm

-Place: St John’s Garden (Medieval History)

-Who: OneWorld Society

-Event Page:

Slow Food Walk

-Time: 2:30pm – 5:30pm

-Place: St John’s Garden (Medieval History)

-Who: OneWorld Society

-Event Page:  

Introduction to the Community Garden

-Time: 4:00pm – 6:00pm

-Place: University Community Garden, off Buchanan Gardens

-Who: University Community Garden and Transition

-Event Page: 

‘Food Inc.’ Film Screening

-Time: 7:30pm – 10:30pm

-Place: St Salvator’s Quad, School 2

-Who: Greenpeace Society

-Event Page: 

Wednesday, September 21:

Raw Vegan Raw’rr

-Time: 1:00

-Place: Samurai Garden, The Scores

-Who: VegSociety

-Event Page:  

‘The Day After Peace’ Film Screening

-Time: 2:00pm – 4:00pm

-Place: St Salvator’s Quad, School 1

-Who: Transition and The Sustainable Development Society

-Events Page:  

Fairtrade Cafe for World Peace Day

-Time: 4:00pm – 6:00pm

-Place: Old Union Diner, Butts Wynd

-Who: Transition

-Event Page:

‘The Yes Men Fix the World’ Film Screening

-Time: 6:30pm – 8:30pm

-Place: St Salvator’s Quad, School 1

-Who: OneWorld Society

-Event Page:

FACT & FOLLY Freshers’ Pub Quiz

-Time: 8:00pm – 11:00pm

-Place: Aikman’s Bar, Bell Street

-Who: Greenpeace Society

-Event Page: 

Peace One Day Peace Crawl

-Time: 9:00pm – 12:00am

-Place: The Union

-Who: The Sustainable Development Society

-Event Page:

Thursday, September 22:

Wild Food Walk

-Time: 10:30am – 12:00pm

-Place: St Andrews Pier, down by the Harbour

-Who: OneWorld Society

-Event Page:

Transition Drop-In

-Time: 12:00pm – 4:00pm

-Place: Transition Office, 65 North Street

-Who: Transition

-Event Page:

Gastronomic Tour of St Andrews

-Time: 2:00pm – 4:00pm

-Place: Meet under the Arches on South Street

-Who: The Fine Food & Dining Society

-Event Page:

Friday, September 23:

Second Hand Bike Sale

-Time: 12:00pm – 3:00pm

-Place: Students’ Association Car Park

-Who: Environment Team

-Event Page:!/event.php?eid=118300618273239 

Environmental BBQ

-Time: 2:00pm – 5:00pm

-Place: University Community Garden

-Who: The Sustainable Development Society

-Event Page:

 Sunday, September 25

Freshers’ Fayre

-Time: 11:00am – 4:00pm

-Place: Students’ Union Building

-Event Page:

Friday, September 30 – Sunday, October 2

Kaleidoscope Festival

-Time: Friday 3:30pm – Sunday 10:00pm

-Place: Kinkel Farm

-Event Page:

We hope you have a fabulously green Freshers Week and go out and get involved!

Gold Green Tourism Award to New Hall and DRA

After the Green Tourism re-assessment was completed in August, we at the Environment Team have been waiting with baited breath to hear the result. And the news is finally in….. GOLD Awards for both New Hall and David Russell Apartments (DRA)!


Both halls of residence have previously been awarded Gold GTBS certificates, but this year they scored 90%, putting both New Hall and DRA in the running for the GTBS annual Best Performer Award.

This is a great achievement that recognizes the exemplary environmental commitment and practice both at a hall and campus-wide scale.



GTBS is a national sustainable tourism certification that is a Visit Scotland venture. It recognizes:

  • environmental management
  • infrastructure
  • energy and water consumption
  • sustainable purchasing
  • waste management
  • low impact transport
  • engagement
  • attention to natural and cultural heritage
These Gold GTBS awards add to the growing list of impressive and high-standing green awards that the University of St Andrews is accruing, such as a 1st Class People and Planet Green League 2011 Award and funding from the Climate Challenge Fund for Transition University of St Andrews. As such, the University of St Andrews is receiving national recognition for the innovative and progressive environmental practices of the organization and is emerging as a national leader in green practice in the Higher Education Sector.

The Environment Team was very excited to receive this news of the Gold GTBS Awards. It is always rewarding to be recognized for your hard work… we hope that this achievement helps to inspire more halls of residences at St Andrews to become certified!

 To learn more about GTBS please click here

Carbon Conversations Comes to St Andrews

Is the future worth a conversation?

Carbon Conversations is a 6-session course that is designed to lower your personal carbon impact. It is not a taught course, but a facilitated discussion, a space to share and explore ideas and develop interpersonal connections. Interactive board games facilitate active engagement with the subject material, visioning exercises allow a creative and self-reflective approach, and short-talks supply assessable information on climate change.

It has been celebrated as one of the top 20 ways to combat climate change by the Guardian ( While this course is aimed at an aware audience (meaning, simply, that it is not expected that people who do not know or care about climate change will be attracted by it), Carbon Conversations usually results in a reduction of a tonne of personal carbon emissions.

A couple weekends ago the newest member of the Environment Team, Sustainability Intern Lucy Arndt, and two members from Transition University of St Andrews, Jamie Peter and Rebecca Petford, headed over to Edinburgh to become trained and certified as Carbon Conversations Facilitators. Amid the chaos of the Edinburgh Fringe Festival, this two-day course provided a calming yet empowering space for us to develop facilitation skills and explore this unique group learning approach to behaviour change for mitigating climate change. What struck me the most throughout the weekend was the real feel of creating community, fostering discussion and empowering individuals to take responsibility and control for their carbon impact. I was inspired and motivated to make changes in my personal life!

The three of us are now kitted out and ready to launch the Carbon Conversations course back in St Andrews. We have been practicing the board games in the office!

We will be running these 6-week courses throughout the 2011-2012 academic year for staff and students, both postgrad and undergraduate, alike.

Staff- The first courses are to begin right away, kicking off in late-September. To find our more please follow these links!

Carbon Conversations Announcement

Carbon Conversations Flyer

Carbon Conversations More Information

Students- Stay tuned! Information on student courses will be available soon.

Meet the Environment Team!

We are the Environment Team!

Meet Roddy Yarr, the Environment and Energy Manager!

Roddy is the guy doing all the big stuff, like working on getting a 6 turbine, 12 megawatt wind farm at Kenly and looking into a biomass CHP plant at the old Guardbridge paper mill site.

Roddy has been managing the team with gusto since 2005 and with the help of his trusty bicycle he’s still going strong. Roddy oversees all activities within the team and engages with the University governance and the local communities on any and all environment and energy developments. Along with such engagement, he keeps the team entertained with the occasional Homer Simpson impression.

To Contact Roddy, email him on:

Meet David Stutchfield, the Energy Officer!

David’s got all the energy in the world! Well, maybe just at the University. From installing solar panels on the roof of New Hall to developing smart metering of energy consumption at Fife Park, he has the CO2 facts at his fingertips.

David makes sure that all University buildings have the energy and electricity they need whilst keeping efficiency high and carbon emissions low. David enjoys sailing on the high seas, and looking out of his desk window at the boats in the sailing club.

To contact David, email him on:

Meet Barbara Aitken, the Environment Officer!

Barbara is the ‘recycling guru’ of the team and deals with waste management, travel, grounds management and biodiversity. This year, she spearheaded the massive feat of achieving a 65% recycling rate across the University!

Constantly coming up with ways for us to be greener and reuse, Barbara oversees our innovative bike reuse schemes, works closely with Grounds and our own University Recycling Team and loves the resident bats on the North Haugh and in the Bute Building. She keeps things chatty in the office, and of course, makes a mean cup of fair-trade tea.

To contact Barbara, email her on:

Meet Graeme Noble, the Graduate Engineer! 

Graeme is a recent graduate from the University of Edinburgh and works on all the technical building stuff around St Andrews such as risk assessments and making sure we don’t all end up underwater or on fire. He spends his days dredging burns and visiting the old Guardbridge paper mill site.

Graeme is the only non-tea drinker in the team, but enjoys a pint and a good hike into the hills. Sadly, Graeme is leaving the Team in the middle of September, 2011 to go back to University to complete a second masters… We will miss him!

To contact Graeme, email him on:

Meet Lucy Arndt, the Sustainability Intern!

Lucy is a recent graduate of the Sustainable Development undergraduate program at the University of St Andrews and the newest addition to the team. She works on outreach to staff, students and University initiatives like Transition, managing communications such as Facebook, twitter (follow us at:!!) and an Environment Team newsletter, fun projects like our Sustainability in Practice mini film series and generally assisting the rest of the team.

Lucy is loving working with the Environment Team and learning about what happens ‘behind the scenes’ at the University.

To contact Lucy, email her on:

If you have any general questions about the work of the Environment Team, please email: